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Dave Seppala

Hi Peter, just wanted to drop you a note regarding the awesome experience I just had at your office with the Brite Smile procedure. I LOVE my new smile…your staff is the best, I truly enjoy my office visits.

Dr. Harvey Schwaid, NY

After 50 years in active practice in both office and hospital dentistry , Dr. Peter Schott my former resident at Lenox Hill Hospital and then colleague remains outstanding in my experiences as exemplary in both proficiency in the art of Dentistry and to the humanistic ability in caring for his patients. Peter if you ever come this way, would love to see you and meet your family. We still like cruising. In Jan. will cruise around South America. 60 days! now that is retirement fondly Harvey (Dr. Harvey Schwaid)

Happy Patient

I love this place… Every one here is awesome .. the whole staff gives you the attention you need & deserve with out a embarrassing moment …The girls in the front desk our the best … I like most people am very busy but the girls tent to remain you of the appointments.. they try to work around your schedule the best they can… that goes as well as for the billing… they try to help you in the payments… there is nothing better to say than you must come … & experience this great service your self

Grateful Patient

“I have used over 10 dentists throughout my life, and this is definitely the one I like the most, and have stayed with the longest - as I expect to continue doing so. I have also managed to convert my wife - which was dedicated to another dentist - and all my kids with her. The personal warmth you receive from every staff member is unparalleled, and the latest ever-improving technology makes every part of the treatment - from setting the appointment to completing the payment - a calm and smooth experience. Highly recommended for everyone.”